AVG Rescue USB 120.120126

Back your files up and prevent virus-inflicted damage

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003

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    7.1 (44)

AVG Rescue USB is a portable version of the popular AVG antivirus program which fits on a USB stick. It assists Windows based computers that may or may not be able to implement a normal antivirus solution. This antivirus program boots from a USB stick. AVG Rescue USB prevents certain viruses from catching on that it is activated and allows the user to successfully eliminate the problem. This software includes all the options of AVG's normal antivirus program. Thus, using AVG Rescue USB provides a safe, mobile option to fix computers that cannot access normal methods.

Using AVG Rescue USB allows users an extra backup option to fix a computer virus that has slipped by all other methods. If the virus has a particular set of problems, Rescue can be customized to check for certain signs of the virus. Users can configure other options such as memory scanning, virus vault inspection, and macro detection. Configuring the system itself is also possible through Rescue, if a new connection or configuration option would help. Utilities are also available for advanced users who want to do more than scan and fix the computer. Using AVG Rescue USB, applications such as regedit, TrueCrypt, and data recovery are accessible without going into the actual operating system. Browsers can be tested as well.


  • Options. AVG Rescue USB can carry out a variety of options to combat any virus.
  • Accessible. AVG can access many vital functions and operations of an OS without triggering a virus response.
  • Thorough. AVG can detect and remove viruses no matter where they end up.


  • Advanced. Computer illiterate users may find that using AVG's more complicated functions is difficult.
  • Interface. AVG's mobile interface is excessively simple, prohibiting the use of a mouse.

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